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Confira a Letra Inside Of Me

Barker Gurvitz Army

Inside Of Me

Inside of me is someone who's trying
To learn while I'm dying
Inside of me

See inside me
Sit beside me
Feel me, love me, oh, so love me
Can you take me
Never break me, no

Try except me
Never rape me
I will love you, always be there
When you need me
You can see me always

Inside of me
Don't conform to society
Don't refuse to see poverty
I get so blue when I cannot see
Inside of me

The way I think to carry on
I think it's real, don't think it's wrong
I know it's life, life lived so long together
Life lived for health not gain of wealth
But love of song, you can't go wrong
You can't go wrong
You can't go wrong forever

There's something more in what we see
Than looking in and feeling me
'Cos eyes look out and all around
Not in for selfish gain I found

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