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Confira a Letra Mass Hysteria


Mass Hysteria

Young Americans, heed the call
Lost generation, the situations' so criminal
High, high at the top of the chain is a fascist rein
High, high courts that choose to ordain
Fanatics for their own gain
Oh, is the media controlled by the dark side?
Things seem so clear
But do we decide? (decide)
Mass suicide
Oh, be terrified

(Sung in round)
Millions and millions of people
In a massive state of hypnosis
History repeating, repeating ad nausea
Can you see through the artifice?

Constitutional amendment
Deny rights, Appease the lobbyist
Sad to be a pessimist, a nihilist, a fatalist
But where is the catalyst?

They don't care about you
They don't care about me
They don't care about us
They don't care about we