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Confira a Letra Parallel Universe


Parallel Universe

Michael produced an empty vile
Whispered of it's past inhabitants
"The remnants there will make you smile
Come with me, oh come with me"
Somewhere waiting for the train -- where will we be?
A wayfaring poet came to me, whispered symphonies
As rain, rain, rain falls against the Window Pain
Sane, sane, sane -- let go of all earthly pain
Wane, wax, wax, wane, laughter swoops us all away
Until we ponder:
Will it always be like this?
Never knew what I would miss
All this from Lisa's dark kiss?
Thought my best friend wanted to kill us

One day I found myself running through nameless halls
Seeing shapes but not knowing the essence of what they are
What they are, what they are, who am I?
As lines, lines, lines make corners stretching so high, high, high, high…
At the ceiling they diverge, I….
I'm running, running, running, running from something I don't understand
I'm longing, longing, longing for a grand escape
What I want, deep down I know
Find the stream and let it flow
Let's drift away from the madness

One morning hypnotized
By the blue sky, everlasting…
The streets of LA are empty, Oh….
The streets of LA are empty, Oh….
The streets of LA are empty, Oh….
The streets of LA are empty, Oh….