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Confira a Letra Errant Dog

Ben Folds

Errant Dog

Have you seen that dog?
I've got to get him back
I had him tied to a tree
but he keeps getting out

He's probably running loose with the bitches
And when I catch him I'll give him some stiches
Oh I love him so much, aw, that stupid bitch is mine.

Errant Dog (Woo-oooh!)
Errant Dog


They're talking down at the spa,
Now the word is out.
God damn I look like a tool,
when he goes running around.
I'm gonna take him on court TV;
Show the world what he's done to me
Oh I'll drag his ass back home, yeah, where that ass belongs

Errant Dog (Woo-oooh!)
Errant Dog


He's my everything; he means the world to me
He's my hopes, my dreams, my general property

Sometimes I wonder why I put up with this shit
If I could I would become a lesbian
I know I said dead or alive but really,
Dead is fine.

Just bring him back, yeah.

Errant Dog (Woo-oooh)
Errant Dog