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Confira a Letra The First Day Of Spring

Ben Weasel

The First Day Of Spring

Remember when you said last year this had gone too far and you were gonna try to find a way to make it stick this time? Summer came and went. You couldn't make the rent. You figured I'll get by -
I always do some way, somehow then: One step forward, three steps back - another day has passed. By the time that autumn came you'd called in all your favors. You were running games on anyone who still called you a friend. As if we didn't know everything that you were up to - it's nothing new.
It's up to you to fix it this time. One step forward, three steps back - another day will pass. Summer's always gone too fast and winter always lasts too long for you.

But your last chances ran out years ago and everyone you know has eulogies on hand 'cause you're as good as gone in almost every way.
Please don't fade away. Winter always hits too hard - it catches us off guard. It gets the best of us but the rest of us manage to get by. We feel the bright and cold embrace of March surround us