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Confira a Letra The Liar

Benassi Bros

The Liar

Don't talk in vain, babe
You're driving me insane yeah
Don't say your affair is over
Last night I saw you

Foreign arms around you
Don't try to explain the problem
'cause it's you and me
How does it feel to be a liar?

I look into your eyes
And I say mine
Feel your blood floating
in my veins, I tell no lies
We belong together

I... I believe
our love will never die
I have met you in some other life
and you were mine
We belong together

It's so unusual
You're falling in confusion
You didn't expect that feeling
Come on and show me
At least a little shame, girl
Your time hasn't come for leaving
How does it feel to loose a lover?

You had my faith but
You're just a betrayer
And what you need now
is more than a prayer