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Confira a Letra Viirastus Tousvas Tules (Phantom In The Rising Fire)


Viirastus Tousvas Tules (Phantom In The Rising Fire)

As fire roared in the darkened sky
casted shadows into the impenetrable blackness
scattered the tomb-like silence
as beneath ashes feud began flaring

painful words from soring torment
bloodstained spirits from gory water
malignant hatred from malicious flesh
the Hellborn spawned to the heavens

neither satan nor god but death
the bearer on the dyers' crown
thrusts light into obscurity
throwing spikes from the celestials' throne

empty words from hollow life
flames once flaring die away
senseless wrath from morbid flesh
sent to earth from heavenly skies

below a cold stone from frigid sleep
arise they who are foreign to light
eyes reflecting the darkest dark
everything vanishes
like a phantom in the rising fire