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Confira a Letra Again

Again, I am willing to carry on
I won´t let fate seal my way
Although I suffer some loss in my life
I must be strong, and carry on for those I love

I know resist and control my pain
I´ll have to if there is tomorrow
must think about the future that comes
When time passes by, I will be a wiser man
I wish to find someone to help me now
Sometimes I feel a great void in my life
At nights, my past comes back to my mind
Will my fate give me a chance to survive?

I´m eager to start living up/
The new story/ in this chapter/ of my life/
I know I have many people by my side
Who wish I overcome, all my fears.

I won´t forget about my yesterday
Keeping memories from old times
That taught me feelings, and lessons
She gave me all her love
til the end of her days.