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Confira a Letra Night Will Fade

Beyond the Black

Night Will Fade

Be still, don't show a weakness
Remember, what they've done
A smile to hide your secrets
Carry on, carry on
Be still and wait for morning
You told me all along
Another day is dawning
Carry on, carry on
But all I see is darkness
Don't ask of me to stay
May darkness be our guide now
Come away

Somewhere beyond this world
Far beyond this life
Fate will raise our souls out of the past
Somewhere beyond this day
Night will fade away
Will you follow my final words
For tomorrow beyond this world

Pie domine
Pie domine
Pie domine
Dona nobis pacem

There's silence for the restless
No need to carry on
There's mercy for the blessed
Come along, come alonge
I hear the choir calling
The shadow of a song
Be still, the night is falling
Come along, come along
There's peace within the darkness
There's answer, when I pray
May darkness be our guide now
Come away

Somewhere beyond this world

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