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Confira a Letra The Bullet and Big D

Bishop Allen

The Bullet and Big D

On monday dealey plaza fills
with people on the way
to the court houses and meeting rooms
but me, I'm free today

And I traced the path the motorcade
took back in sixty-three
past the grassy knoll into the book depository
they put in a museum where they say the shots were fired
it's closed today but I don't mind
I'm already getting tired

There's photographs and headlines
and diagrams of the street
they're showing the zapruder film
it's always on repeat

last night I dreamt I was the bullet
from frame 313
the one that scattered his head around the limosine
I was right there for his final thoughts, of john-john and jackie
and oh my God Big D

Back then everybody worried further to the south
missles screamed across Miami, trail and fall out
Teachers drilled their students hiding underneath their desks
To fear the twitchy trigger finger, of old Krushchev
but Cuba couldn't kill nobody, not like Dallas could
when I was growing up there, I understood

Remember when I'd pick you up
outside your mothers house?
the two of you were fighting, and we promised we'd get out
out far from the narrowness and the confines and the doubt
we'd leave behind all that we know and never turn around
cut the strings and tear away from all that kept us down
and oh my god big D

Now I fly out of Laguardia, or out of JFK
and I land at DFW and I drive down LBJ
and the houses and the shopping centers, don't make me afraid
Why they ever did, it's hard now to explain
But you, you never really left, for you was it the same?
and oh my god Big D

November 22nd I was at the kitchen sink
Just like everyone remembers where they were in ‘63
the shudder that shot through me with that unexpexted call
I locked the bathroom door and hit my fist against the wall
I should of come to rescue you, I should have should have yes
What happened in the past ten years, I coulda guessed

Remember when I would carry you, and lay you in your bed
and promised to take care of you, but I just left instead
Last night I dreamt I was the pills you swallowed down
I tried to come back up, but you wouldn't let me out
and I couldn't help but wonder, did think of me?
and oh my god big D