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Confira a Letra Even Though

Black Coffee

Even Though

It’s clear to me, life’s got its ups and downs
But i am eagle, i fly higher that the highest sky,
You can prove me down, you can’t break me i’m as hard as a rock!

Even though i can’t know sometimes, even though i can’t know (don’t say even though)
I can’t know sometimes, i can’t know somebody say, i stay strong (i’m always staying strong)
I stay strong somehow, i stay strong (i’ll always be there)
What i know is that i’m gonna make it through

See i’ve been around long enough to know what it means to have your life turned upside down
Then nothing seems to go your way… but know they know this day its not going down

No matter what your situation is, please stay strong ohhh, don’t you take it, i’ll stay strong
Ohhh uhhh stay!, uhhh don’t you take it man, nothing can break you apart! please stay!