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Confira a Letra Rock Your City

Black Rain

Rock Your City

Night has begun; I'm coming down in your city with the boys...
Looking for some nice n sleazy girls to party hard tonight... to get hot

Eyeliner n hairspray,
my leather fits tight
Oh oh oh oh oh oh babyy
under the light, we're getting wild,

Let me show you tonight
How we'll rock your city, how we rock the night
Let me show you tonight
Shakin, dancin, teasin
Lemme show you tonight
No one can stop it
Lemme show you tonight
How we rock your city,
how we rock the night

I'm dynamite; I'm a bomb,
searching for a nice place to explode
Goin down town where boys n sexy girls hang around to
shock their world
Dancing all night with fire,
hit the light, nothing to take us higher oh oh oh oh oh baby

Are you ready for another ride?

Always out on the run,
we just wanna have some fun

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