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Confira a Letra Inocent Rosie

Black Rain

Inocent Rosie

She is the one that turns hard fuckers
Into some kind of nice lil lovers
She is the one that turns dirty junkies
Into some kind of kewl tender daddies

To kill the time,
she rides on the white line
Fresh n reckless,
full of life, she hates loneliness...

Teenage queen,
she just wanna be in our dreams
So blind and clean...
our sweety sweet Rosie

Innocent Rosie

She is the one that turns drug dealers
into some kind of chestnut sellers
She is the one that turns angry nazis
Into some kind of hungry babies

Lovely schoolgirl
Cutest thing I've ever kno o o own
My naughty fairy, she's pure naivity

Fly my angel fly, under my wings
So weak and real,
our sweety sweet Rosie

Livin in this eternal dream,
I could do anything ... anything for you