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Confira a Letra Confusions From illusions

Black Stage

Confusions From illusions

In my eyes I can't feel
For me everything is real
I fell so deep on those illusions
Now my life is a confusion
Into the fire into the ice
This was my desire, I pay my price
I'm awake but still dreaming
Sometimes I fell my soul screaming
I look around and there's nothing to catch
I try to stop but the body reacts
So I try again use it
I continue flying standing by my feet
On these flies I look like a crazy
Shaking my head with my body #
Seeing the moon on the light of day
Like snow on a green way
Seeing the sun on the dark of night
Like a demon on the heavens light
Now my life is a confusion
And who did it?
Those illusions
Confusions from illusions
Confusions from illusions
Flying snakes are flashing my eyes
Black horses are hugging me
Several shits surrounding some flies