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Confira a Letra Liquid Serenity


Liquid Serenity

Share The Black Of A Fallen Dream
Share The Calm Of A Quiet Stream

My Spirit Is Free
No More Fight For A Wish To Be
My Spirit Is Free
As I Rest Myself From Greed

For The Hope Of A Better Life
We Keep Pushing Our Limits To High
But It Seems So Wasted And Dumb
'Cause We Know Forever Is A Lie

For The Fame And So Called Glory
We Struggle On But We Know It's Not Gonna Last
So I Raise The Glass To My Lips
'Cause I Know It's Time To Rest
No Further Competition
Just Me Wasting Myself

So Let It Be And Break The Surface
Don't Let Them Tell How Live And How To Be
I've Had Enough Set Me Free
Leave Me Be
All My Dreams To Fulfill Myself
I Now Do Ignore