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Confira a Letra Edenbeast



Eden Beast
Martyr, martyr with a lambent hallo
Are there shadows in heaven's garden?
The most deviant
Perfect creation
Of our thoughts
In the Universe

The tauricornous behind the headboard
Whispers bloodcurdling stories
My beast friend
Scratch me to bleed
Dig out
An' drag me out

Beast within, come out and show your true aspect
Eden beast

The apple-tree was purified
The snake was expelled, but you are still here
Hang me on branches
Between these atrous leaves
This is the best
Deodate for your shrine!

Beast within, come out and show your true aspect
Eden beast
Eden beast
Eden beast

An angel with a flaming sword exiles them
And we go to the dusky side
Our yearning eyes
penetrate the night