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Confira a Letra Necromancer



Here I came not
from the sloughs
But from your stray soul!

Ingredients: thorn apple, verbena, rosemary,
Dragon's blood, mandrake and foxglove
O darken mirrors, guide me through the labyrinth
Show me The One I detest!

I appeared to cover you,
Torment all night long
This is my craving!

Implore help from heaven to enliven thy sin,
Tear my strings, drink my tears.
Smiling, I continue to burn you
And with the wind I'll kantikoy on thy bones

I'm powerless inside the oneiric
Fall asleep by drowning in my own bed
But I always break the chains of diablerie
End the necromance, leave me be,
This is my will, so shall it be

For darkness thou art, and unto darkness shalt thou return

I'll lick your neck
To reopen those two wounds

Our first kiss was thrilling, the second one poisoned me
and forever stigmatized my heart
Owl light, modena water, overthrow the beast
Into the depths of Sheol

I'm powerless inside the oneiric
Fall asleep by drowning in my own bed
End the necromance, leave me be
This is my will so shall it be