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Confira a Letra The Moon Emerged From Behind Clouds


The Moon Emerged From Behind Clouds

As aeons pass by
Its wisdom slowly grows,
As nights come in
She fears and blames herself…

The moon emerged from behind clouds

Catch me in your moon web,
Lead me above your land,
Crown me with the welkin
The best friend's hungry grin,
Cadaverous marsh child…
...My fantasies make me wild!

The poet-boy vows to make her dance again
His words are hallowed by an amaranth

For the moon emerged from behind clouds
Watch its amber eye,
Behold its mantic light

The telarian-Queen from the tower longs for blood
I trembled before my own imagination

Black owls silently soar
This blooming twilight - my magic delight
Blind knight and princess found
Each other in the dark forest

When the phantasm puts its
hand on my shoulder,
Inside me the dream is born
The brumal and
Stellate stray child…
…My fantasies make me wild!

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