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Confira a Letra The Blackness I Prowl


The Blackness I Prowl

I'm a breath of hazy dells,
And my name is violence
Toxemia inflames me
As midnight draws near,
Don't call me
Oh don't call me

It was a windy blue even,
Under the leafless tree they met
She kissed the man's brow and laced
Her slight arms around
His waist

«Now monsters fierce and fell
In this shady forest dwell
On human blood and flesh they feed,
Wolfish form assume at need
So it's too dangerous to meet here!»

I prowl beneath the whispering clouds

Hatred, desperation, loneliness,
Excitement, fear and a challenge

See, the sun has sunk from sight,
Left the world to a hungry night

The beast that you fear is here
Share the same blackness with me
The Blackness we prowl