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Confira a Letra The Spectral Evildence


The Spectral Evildence

As I glide with them
Through visions and spaces…
Wake from your sleep at once
Arise from the semi dead!...
…It becomes so hard
To find my old traces…
…Down there you’re in danger
Inhale and open your eyes!
Don’t conceal your scorn
Glory to the mass
Shame to the lone
You can transform
Into a storm
And tear the world down
You can transshape
You can escape
Just leave behind
Their morbid mind
Beware! Defences fall in the blink of an eye
There is a chink in your armor, my instinct cannot lie
Execrate my name
Strip me to the skin…
Speak and you will be heard
Still left without answers at all…
…Cast a stone at me
To engrave this sin
…For theirs are the symbols
And always yours are the words

May this dark be my home
Til I find the place
Where I belong
The human being shall be separated from the vale of tears
Sublime yet sequacious
…To walk the shining worlds that levitate above the black surface of times
May that epiphany dispel all the ephemeral things»
So long I have been
Waiting here within
The circle of chalk
Now let this plague stalk
It is time for me
To break myself free
Nothing left to say
Get out of my way

Nothing left to say
Don’t stand in my way