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Confira a Letra Lenoir

Could this be the time that you would fall from grace to me you were no left all alone.
Then in the night i'm going up the stairs i see you there.
Always forget her i will forget her when she's gone.
The knife is in my hands you drove me mad.
I tried to let you know that you're all alone.
Cause i want it all back.
It's over when it's over.
This ends in tragedy.
I'd give it on more try but i know that you hide truth with lies on an october night that saw our end.
The distance is far too much i hate your touch.
I will forget her when she's gone.
Sleeping next to a whore the smell of your rotting corpse.
I tried to let you know that you're all alone
For you i would cry outward to find you there tonight.
For you i would cry outward, out to you...