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Confira a Letra God Wears Gucci

Bless The Fall

God Wears Gucci

Take cover, run for your life
Id rather die than let you get away
Get away from me

Run,take cover and save yourself
Its ok youll be going under

Fall to your knees is what you told to me
How can I believe?

When you live a lie
To my face its nothing new to me

This is going too far
You let them in on all your secrets
And theyre not following, not following
Now the best part is over
I hope you savored the taste

You think youll save us with your false impressions
You think its working but you wont change me

Fall to your knees is what you told me
Is what you told me
how can I believe
When you live a lie..
To my face its nothing new to me

Your time is running out
You should have known better
Only you can save you now
But you wont remember
So whos going to save you now?