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Confira a Letra Break-A-Slob-Down

Bloods and Crips


You know I had to get ya!

Well it's the muthafuccin C
Slob niggas comin up short
Rip Ride, we slide to the muthafuccin south flow
4 deep creepin, B.G.'s on a mission
Got weird that the muthafuccin slob niggas slippin
We about to put the muthafuccin smash down
On these muthafuccas on the other side of town
Jumpin up out of the muthafuccin G-ride

Creepin up out of the muthafuccin Nutty from the blunt
There they go in a pack, slobs tryin to big back
We put them triggers on them slob niggas fuck that
This ass be sacked to the muthafuccin G
Blaze up the blunt, took a shot of that Hennesey
We dippin back to the muthafuccin C-side
Two C's, A.D., B.G. nigga Rip Ride
Baby Gangsta Bone is a loc'ed out young nigga
Straight slob killa, cuzz I'm a Crip, fucc you niggas

This is how we brake a muthafucca down
Brake a muthafucca down, Brake a muthafucca down
Straight Slob killa, Cuzz I'm a Crip, fucc you niggas-

Some niggas pulled up yellin about that slob shit
I said like Spiggedy-One (Spice 1)
Cuzz: What part of the game is this?
Crip rich went to dumpin like he never bust no heat
The Gauge blew him back and knocked the slob off his feet
Came up down the alley when I clock my crip face hung
He said was crackin 'WOL ? -I said run nigga run
But we just peeled the slob on the corner of my street

When me and ??? we blewed that slob in her jeep
And he said Cuzz, I realise we got
Some muthafuccin playa hatas
They hate me most cause they some
Fuccin baby gangsta hatas
I got cuzzins, I'm blewin relatives in half
And we kill family if (?) wanna kick my ass
But I'm protected by the blue and the green
Rat-tat-tat, put a Elm in the gangsta league, Cuzz
I guess that's how this shit's supposed to C
Cock my Glock, kay's up to 2pac, slob feel me

I'm givin up the C to these muthafuccin snoops
Slobs catchin the blues when a nigga dippin through
Hand on my heat, pullin the trigger with the quickness
Slobs feelin the muthafuccin wrath of my Cripness
Crippin to the fullest cause nigga
Buck slobs, buck all slobs
Nigga I'm a muthafuccin Crip straight slob killa
Showin these muthafuccin slobs no love
These muthafuccin slobs are gonna
Be chokin on they own blood
Cause I'm fillin 'em up with this muthafuccin hot lead
Slob niggas are slob bitches track and
Puttin them mathafuccin red smoked out

A loccin nigga crippin is all a nigga know
Dumpin these muthafuccin slobs with my chrome .44
My nigga Face is killin up shit, slob niggas feelin the pain
Gangsta raw, makin 'em stain, drivin these slob niggas insane
Slobs can't hang
I tought you know the Bone is on my Crip job
South Side Atlantic Drive Crip Ride nigga fucc slob

Slobs better believe in heedle Compton corners with Glocks
Cause I'll C bustin Elms a lot, yelling Cuzzins to see the Glock
Confused, but they don't wanna
K.C.B.'s, original K.P.'s, O.B.G.'s and B.G.'s
Too C's up, my bitch be laughin at me cause I'm a nut
AWOL C givin a fuck, you fuck with Kelly, you fuck up
Cause I'm not the nigga you thought I was
Nigga from Kelly from Compton, Cuzz

Doin the shit like Oaklahoma
Niggas was not knowin what it was
Blood killa, steady packin the heat
A Piru killa, leavin you slobs 6 feet deep, sleep
You besta catch Aids if you believe in magic
A AC poppin the trigger quick, leave the scenes tragic
Slobs better be thinkin about it
Better be thinkin about they shit
Better be thinkin about they hood
Thinkin about they slob bitch
If she frame to fuck up I hope she's wet enough
But if she's too fuccin dry, I'm a have
To help her out and ran her up

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