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Confira a Letra Shadows From High-Hell

Blot Mine

Shadows From High-Hell

had you the knowledge, could you help yourself now?
or was it your will to suffer?
powers drained from you?
your spirit cries out to you in mortal dread?

i am here!

south-winds encapsulate me.
- let me work from afar.
gather shadows from high-hell.

eyes that cannot see, communicate.
floodgates flung wide open, darkened spaces undulate.



matter caused to respond, i receive the notion,
blinding me with a shiny net from times gone by.
nature forced to react on account of my fervent wishing.
stars explode to aid me in bringing down the skies.

now you see the ways of nature, and your place therein.
a scheme so strikingly powerful in its indifferent simplicity.
cloaked and crooked is your nam-tar. Evil, enemy of peace.
come to terms with what this is; the end of all your needs.

i am a judge of that which you as a living personified.
my powers are fuelled by my anger and channelled through my fantasies
counting the souls for the planet of dead, its apex signals my birth,
from nothing i shoot forth to encompass totality.

charging me! it's him!
i am free!

in a flux of time conceived.
born with demon's speed.
born from unbearable heat.