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Confira a Letra Right Back In Your Arms Again

Bobby Helms

Right Back In Your Arms Again

So many times I've told myself we're through it's done that's all
And I think that I convinced my pride that it must naver fall
But even though you can't be true I know that can't win
Cause it don't take long till pride is gone and I'm in your arms again

For just a few lonely hours and a few sleepless nights
Too many teardrops and the heart that don't beat right
Too many mem'ries and the fight that I can't win
And I'm right back in your arms again

[ steel ]
Too many nights I laid awake and prayed for day to come
With my mind made up to just give up leave and not return
But a smile or two I get from you and that old feeling begins
And it don't take long to turn me on and I'm in your arms again

For just a few lonely hours...