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Confira a Letra Big Butt

There I was just walkin' down the street,
When these real fine ladies said "Come have a seat"
I tried to sit down, in the chair,
And my butt just spreaded it everywhere.

I got a Big Butt, a Big Butt
Huh, a Big Butt, a Big Butt

I'd like to drive a car but my butt's too wide.
My car's the one that leans to the side.
I was driving down the street to the picture show,
My butt hangin' out the car window.
My butt's real big, I don't care,
I ride the bus they charge me double-fare.

I got a Big Butt, a Big Butt.
A Big Butt, a Big Butt. Break down!

Scratch it. Scratch it.
Scratch it, scratch it,
Scratch that butt!

I don't have to scratch
I don't have to cut
I don't have to scratch
Huhh, I'm a human big butt!

I got a big butt, I am a good sport.
I clear the lanes on the basketball court.
I work real hard down at the gym,
Tryin' to lose some inches of my big rear end.

I got a Big Butt, a Big Butt.
A Big Butt, a Big Butt.

I was going to the game to see the L.A. Raiders
Couldn't get out of those little elevators.
I was trying to get out, I was doing my part.
All of a sudden I think I had to... go eat a hot dog!

I got the real big bootie in my neighborhood,
All the girls like to slap me cause it feels real good.
I like my big butt because it's so unique,
Not everyone has a custom-made toilet seat.

I got a Big Butt, a Big Butt
Big Butt, a Big Butt