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Confira a Letra Young San Francisco

Boy in Static

Young San Francisco

Shake the windows, shake your gifts
A drive-by shooter and a birthday wish
I've lost count, how old are you now?
Potrero is dressed in yellow bows
They say "Do Not Cross" and do not walk alone
We do not walk alone

Young San Francisco, we'll darn your faultlines for you
Young San Francsico, we'll mend your cracked pavement too
You'll never grow old, young San Francisco

Sing, sirens, sing along
We'll wait here 'til the cops are gone
Darling, there's nothing left to see
Just fireworks and fired shots
We fell asleep in the aftershock

Inflated beasts are floating North
The pinata's belly torn
And the gulls direct its ashes to the shore
Bring your coat and bring your youth
Leave your history, and leave your shoes back at home