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Confira a Letra Worth Living

Branded Women

Worth Living

just look into my eyes
you´ll see the life i´ve lived
this kind of life
that´s been worth to live

i´ve never wasted a day
by looking back
cause it´s here today
and i just get along with that

just take my moments of love
and take my moments of hate
cause it works both ways
i take the days of laugh
and those days when it rains
cause it goes like that
and i just get along with that

and you can see on my face
all the things i´ve done
but what´s gone, has gone
and i just get along with that

just take my moments of love..

you see life, it´s worth af living
you see life, it works both ways
and if your life doesn´t always go well
you gotta get along with that