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Confira a Letra Parkside



I'm all that / Oh yeah
I've got style / To spare
And you know / You do
I'm too much for you
I'm all that / Oh yeah
I've got some / You'll see
You can / Get right
Give it, give it up to me
I tell / Tell you
This one / One time
You do need / This way
I'll show you your mistake
You're just / Smoking
Weighting / Me down
Think I can't / Resist
Pure habit, I can
I'm too much for you (2X)
Think you're / Something
Going / Somewhere
Why d'you come / Here for
You're messing up my door
I got time / To waste
Nothing / To do
I sit here / All day
Getting tired of you
I'm too much for you (2X)
What I'm gonna do
Is tell you how thoroughly
I'm getting sick of you
And you and me
My finger's on a
I'm gonna turn you down
You keep on doggin' me
You'll end with a pound
If I / If I
Tell you / One time
You do me / This Way
You can be replaced
One last / Good look
Of what you're / Giving up
Don't take / Too long
Listen up, you're gone
I'm too much for you (2X)

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