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Confira a Letra Play Some D


Play Some D

I'm gonna play some D / Let's see
I'm gonna play some D, one, two, three
He told you'll never get a hold on mine
What I've got going, now that it's flowing
I know your plan, yeah
If you think you can grind me down, wear me out
Hang me up to dry
But I'm telling you why it's never gonna be
I'm gonna play some D
I'm gonna show you what / What
I really got, fortification, pit formation
You wanna take it one step, one step too far
Look around, consider where you are
Coming too close you get a full dose of my remedy
I'm gonna play some D
I'm gonna take total control of the whole
I've got the nerve to really serve you
What you've been begging for
You try and boss me
Well that's a costly mistake you're making
Cos I don't take it, I dictate it
Spell O-U-T
I'm gonna play some D
I'm gonna show you what / What
You've got coming to you
So back off, unless you wanna get cought
In my show of strength
Don't you test the length of this tether
Whether or not you're feeling lucky
Cos I respond the way I want
Knock you O-U-T
I'm gonna play some D