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Confira a Letra Nobody's Girl

Bratz Rock Angelz

Nobody's Girl

Hey yeah
I'm nobody's girl

I want your love but yeah there are limits
You gotta know my plans every minute
Baby its like you wanna own me, and it isn't right
Just cause it feels so good when you hold me
Now all I want is you, want to control me
Baby in case you don't remember, this is still my life

I'm not gonna do whatever you say , no no
If that's what you need I'll be on my way

I'm nobody's girl, no boys gonna tell me what to do
I'm nobody's girl, don't treat me like I belong to you
I'm nobody's girl, oh baby fun with you is cause I choose to be
Nobody owns me

I'm going places, I've got ambitions
Thank you but I don't need your permission
Baby before you give me your love, give me your respect

I'm not gonna walk a few steps behind, no no
If that's what you need than this is goodbye

[Repeat Chorus]

Here's a new idea just treat me like I treat ya
If you don't know how than baby I don't need you
It's a simple thing baby

Oh Yeah

Don't try to tell me what to do
This is my life baby
Oh yeah fun with you is cause I choose to be
You don't know me

[Repeat Chorus] 2x

Oh Yeah