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Confira a Letra Ten Seconds In


Ten Seconds In

Out of the streetlights glare
There's a slight stab of fear
In his altered understanding
It quickly disappears

Can't spell electric
But he feels it in the air
Springing doors on darkened cages
That swing open in his stare

It's alright
On the street tonight, never realize
Always someone harder
Always someone just like you
Always someone harder
Till it's too late
And you're ten seconds in

Maybe down inside him
There's some neglected fuse
Some option long avoided
A circuit seldom used

With confrontation
Someone you never dare
Another life is less than zero
Violence a life-long love affair

[Chorus x2]

Black cat hangin' on the corner
Caught hangin' in the wrong
Almost screaming for attention
Must be well aware he don't belong

Sweating hard, in for the kill
Then something hits him like a train
Across the alley, it's forgotten
Just two more bullets in the rain