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Confira a Letra American Vagina

You got a dirty mind
You got a dirty smile
I got some bad ideas and a tiny pile
You wanna stay a while?

I got some gasoline
I got a credit card
I got a liquor store and a shopping cart
And Ive been living har

I don’t like to remember the last time I couldn’t remember a thing
And I wanna see you get naked and slink off in the rain.
Take off your dirty style
Put on your dirty smile
And baby, talk to me like you think I’m Chinese, cuz I’m a sinophile
And I got drives to pile

I got things to defile
And if it’s your week to bleed, baby get on your knees and go Italian style
I wanna know what goes on underneath your dress
I wanna see you wake up with your smeared, shitty makeup a mess
And run away
Get out of my bed, get into your car
I should have warned you ‘bout my attitude

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