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Confira a Letra Covered In Flies

Let’s make a date where we retch up the doom and sad fate
And a dream where the blood just washes away
In this place all the pleasure’s remembered as pain
The twitching dead flame, the emptiest frame
I’m just a ghoul but I’m charming, disarming these girls
You’re a bit of a fool but you’re good with your words
The world beats beneath us just burning and spitting up sick
I’m ready to move north a couple of clicks
I’m covered in flies
I’m covering you
You’re nothing but lies and acting confused
Taking a dive, pushing on through
You’ll be just fine. I’m feeling screwed
Cut me some rhythm that isn’t all slack
I’m takin’ back what I’m takin’ back
And all of these haircuts’ll never change that
Just gimme the stack when we get to the tracks
Cuz all of that poison you’re holdin’ is callin’
All of my notions and fences have fallen
I’m getting swollen. I just wanna hold it
Gimme a taste boy, don’t just unroll it
Cuz I gotta die to get outta here
All of my sins are so sweet and so dear
Here in my memory I can recall
The smell of the blood and the tears of them all
Every garage door and spool of twine
Every cracked mirror’s thousands of lines
Every ripped panty and discarded limb
In the beginning there were more of them
If I don’t stay hungry, nobody wins
Let’s do it again boys

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