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Confira a Letra Shackles

Brick & Lace


Somebody, somebody, somebody brought me out of it
Misery pleasury that i am in, you just have me hanging on like a piece of threat
Do i have stupid written on my head?
I'm stuck at two can't get to one, i guess she won yeah
But i still love him, so, so, so-o-o-o

He don't need a reason to be touchin' on my body,
He be messin' with my mind, got me buggin' all the time
Got me tired of playin shackles and i cant get out
And it dont make no difference if i scream or shout.
He dont need a reason to come knockin, at my door
Got me beggin' him for me, i'm addicted, i'm addicted
And i'm tired of playing shackles and i can't get out
And it dont make no difference if i scream our shout

Somebody save me from myself, somebody please save me
Because i ne-e-e-ed help
So tellin me, tellin me, tellin me baby boy you come it?
If i gave just a little more of it, you never have to worry bout where i've been
Cuz you're, you're the only one chekin' in, yeah
Im stuck at two, can't get to three, is this my destiny?
But i still love him, so so, so-o-o-o


So baby, why do you do me this way, so baby why do you do me this way?
You got me, you got me down in a days,
You got me, you got me all in a craze.
No baby, no i can't take it no more,
See baby, sometimes i feel so unsure,
And baby i cant believe , that i do everything,
That i do for you, oh


Like im definite
Im done being your match
Being your match