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Confira a Letra Abyssmal Warriors

Brimstone Fist

Abyssmal Warriors

Warriors of abysmal legions ride the midnight skies
Bound eternal servitude, damnation in their eyes
Hear the priestess chanting loudly, dance around the graves
Revealing the apocalypse, mankind cannot be saved!

Marching on to your damnation
Smell of burning flesh and napalm
Generals command us onward
Gods of unholy death and destruction!

Staring at the crystal ball, possession of the weak
Through the voice of medium satanic lord shall speak
Sitting at the table is the devil’s chosen child
My darkness dwells within you, born unpure and thus defiled

Murdering the holy saints, I nail them to the cross
Resurrection is no more, satanic holocaust
Kneel unto the beast with me and plead your final prayer
Blow the world to shit, loose the warheads in the air!

Warlord of this blackened night, unlock the gates of hell
Leaving headless victims lying bleeding where they fell
Resurrect the living dead, they rise from beneath the sod
I rape the holy mother and I drink the blood of god!!!!!