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Confira a Letra Truck Stop Sluts

Brimstone Fist

Truck Stop Sluts

I’m a trucker, I live on the road
Sometimes it gets hard, working up a load
Drove my truck to waffle house
Saw this girl that made me drop my mouth
Looked so good in her cutoff jeans
Stepped right out of my dirty dreams
Hey there baby, I’ll buy you a sandwich
If you ride with me, she does it for free, hell yeah!

Truck stop sluts, they like to fuck
Yeah they don’t give a damn
If you give her a ride and she spreads ‘em wide
You know she gets around, white trash!

Truck stop slut just likes to ride
She don’t care where she goes
Trying to hitchhike across the state line
Gonna stay with some guy she knows
Pull the truck over at the roadside rest
Gotta get between her legs
I don’t know where she’s been before
She’s dirty, I like her that way!

Truck stop sluts they suck it up
Yeah they don’t give a damn
If you’re feeling kinda horny and she don’t want your money
You know she’s going down!
Going down on me!
Oooh! Suck it!