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Confira a Letra Young Summer

Britt And Blaire

Young Summer

School's out,
Drivin' out the parking lot
Panama, here I come
Ready or not!
Keepin it real,
Livin' up the salt life
Time to go and paint this town
Straw hats, clear blue water ripplin',
Party in the tiki house
Everybody's screaming out,
"Come on, let's go!"

Young summer, thats all we need
Sun shades, flip flops, underneath a palm tree
Coastal bound, to be the first in the water
And salty kisses to top off,
A young summer

Laying in a hammock,
Watch the waves roll in
Catch up on some sleep,
And tomorrow catch a tan
No more books, no more worries
Just friends and a good time
Showin' off our bikinis
It's the thought of,
Hangin' out the sunroof baby
Chillin' with some Raybans on,
Three months just to, live it up
And dance til our bodies go numb
Ain't doin' nothin' wrong....Yeah Right!