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Confira a Letra Patch Up the Pieces

Brooke Hogan

Patch Up the Pieces

Aha...Pete Rock..aha..Pete rock
It's Bumpy Knuckles Baby..HA

(Verse 1: Freddie Foxxx)
I'm from a world where a man of my complexion makes no laws
and we struggle like madmen hustling forth
top position my hip-hop style crosses every boundery
now who sound like me?
while like I'm Bumpy Knuck Bill Freddie Medicin
smacking up fake ass rappers that's soft like the hansons
I've been ripping six fingers you was dancing
when niggers had high top fame and kid and played
I was pimp some
move back bumpy's got this groove back
wait I must correct myself B cause bumpy never loose that
Pete Rock blesses me with beats like that Halloween treats
and I spit it for this ragged ass streets
so it talked too cold how am I presented
better than me I'm God-sent cause how you'll keep the god bent
I'm a hip-hop creator blacker than Darth Vader
I'll be Bumpy Knuckles now I'll be Bumpy Knuckles later
Come On!

It's the international illest MC
Bumpy Knuckles baby and the Muro MC
with Pete Rock chopping the beats cross the fata
from New York to Japan Hip-Hop creators
*scratch* Dunn these niggers thought they started something wild (Nas)
*scratch* I spit shit *scratch*
freddie foxxx, check it out(Guru)

(Verse 2: Muro)


(Verse 3: Freddie Foxxx)
Feel it
I smile like the truth, I smile like the youth
when this song come out hot, I smile in the woof
I smile as a mack that flashes and gone truth
and I smile when the profs getting head on the roof
niggers that know my stylo
know that I be low
sell obscene that's how I creep the cream
know what I mean?
I've been in the game for (?)
And Japan count me in like the American dream