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Confira a Letra Thank You Lord

Brother Henry

Thank You Lord

I am so amazed climbing the mountain
Looking out for days, sky,
Tree and fountain, a breeze to say
Thank you Lord for giving us this day

I find you here, deep in your Creation
With air rich and clear,
My heart finds inspiration, an ease to say
Thank you Lord for giving us this day

Rolling thunder, swollen rivers come in May
First Spring beauties then trout
Lillies bloom and soon fade away

When I leave this place
I'll search out to find you
Cause I'm in need of grace
I pray have a mind to stop and say
Thank you Lord for giving us this day

But all my worries, rise and flurry,
Swirl around
Make me fearful, some days tearful,
Pinning me to the ground

In the vallies or darkened
Allies steepend in fear
In the meadows or the shadows
You are always near

At the end of every day
And the start of every morning
We may meet joy or pain,
All comes without warning, then slips away
Thank you Lord for giving us this day