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Confira a Letra Echoes Of The Dead

Brother Von Doom

Echoes Of The Dead

The mounting corpses are sacrifices
In the heinous unspeakable carnage
Savor this bottom fed victory
You've finally scourged the earth
We were nothing but pawns left to wast away

As they shred the night sky
Their faces carved in torment

Lusting for faithless gain and worthless reign
The suffering vows of men heard in the shadow
Of endless hells and throughoutthe lands echos

We march changed into unsaintly beasts
With no mercy their blood is in sight
We ride porth descending our mace and sword alike
To destroy this vile filth they breed

Pile the dead and burn them to ashes
Pile the dead and burn them to ashes
We carry the daggers of death

Beast of war serprents of swine
Beast of war serprents of swine
Creatures of darkness meet their ends

Send them to their final rest
We swear not to breath again
We swear not to breath again
Until none our left endeavoured

We speak the voice of annihilation
The touch cold as death.