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Confira a Letra Brother, Brother


Brother, Brother

[big daddy kane]
Mmmhmm.. right, right
What we have here.. is a collaboration
Of the big daddy kane.. and the little daddy shane
We're gonna send this out to.. all the brothers,
And sisters, around the universe
It's a tune.. a tune about unity..
And peace amongst each other
And we're gonna have some fun, peep this

The b-to-the-i-to-the-g-to-the-d
The smooth operator's in the place to be

[little daddy shane]
The l-to-the-i-to-the-l-to-the-d
The little daddy shane for the world to see
Ricky-ticky-tempo, no surrembo
Italian men, call their girls a bimbo
Puerto rican men call their girls muchacha
Ask me how i know, cause i'm a girl watcher!

[big daddy kane]
Now i must admit that i'm a sensitive guy
Cause i cried on cooley high when cochise died
But then again at times i may be a mean fellow
Cause i didn't give a damn about the dog old yeller
But i love my brother (and i love him back)
I wish people of the world could be like that
So shake shake y'all (shake y'all) shake y'all (shake y'all)
And bust the move we make y'all

Brother, brother.. help each other * repeat 2x *

[little daddy shane]
I'm not don pardo, or guy lombardo
I love lucy, but i'm not ricky ricardo
I'm just a teen titan, that does some mean fightin
Against any sucker mc that's seen bitin

[big daddy kane]
I been through different world's, gave them all a try
Kadeem is my man, but jasmine's not my guy
I wonder if the kane ever dawns on lewis
It's a sin to be bad, but somebody's gotta do it

[little daddy shane]
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust (uh-huh)
I can make a nun feel the need for lust (true)
I can make a new car start to rust (uh-huh)
And outrun the dog on the greyhound bus

[big daddy kane]
For an mc to try to battle me freestylin
His mind must be somewhere in fantasy island
But i guarantee that by the time i'm through
I make him feel about the size of the midget tattoo
Cause i love my brother (and i love him back)
And more people of the world should be like that
So swing swing y'all (swing y'all) swing y'all (swing y'all)
Check out how we do our thing y'all

Brother, brother.. help each other * repeat 2x *

[little daddy shane]
Rhymes that i write generate much juice
Not like dr. seuss or even mother goose
They said i was a child, but then i hit em hard
Yeah it's good to send a boy to do a man's job

[big daddy kane]
Well i'm the biggest daddy of the macks and dons
I keep a fleet of women, probably one of them's your moms
A voice so choice that my lips should be bronzed
You got ta give me thumbs up just like the fonz

[little daddy shane]
Well i'm a new jack from the new school, too cool
But some of the times i get bizarre (word?)
And grab the microphone and catch a spell from melle mel
And start to yell, brrrrahhhhh!

[big daddy kane]
While i'm up on stage i feel that it's my duty
To do somethin fly, to make you shake your booty
Because i add the flavor just like an onion
The type of guy that grows on ya, just like a bunion
But i love you shane (and i love you kane)
That's somethin that the whole world needs to gain
So love love y'all (love y'all) love y'all (love y'all)
Just a little bit of love y'all..