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Confira a Letra Search And Rescue

C3 Church

Search And Rescue

We live the message of a loving god
You carried my burden
The heavy cross
I'll wear the colors of your favor bright
Run through this city
With salvations light

Keep my lips from criticizing
Give my way some fortitude
Give my steps some kind of rhythm
So i can lead them back to you

Your search and rescue came
And found me drowning
By your loving grace
Your hand saved me
Gave me back more than i lost
Paid my debt
And now i sing a new song
Of faith, hope, love and freedom

I feel the waking of a brand new day
The city is shaking with the sound of praise
You have our attention, come show your way
You set me in motion, i'll run this race

Oh this love will never give me up
Oh this love is an overflowing heart
Oh this love is the power of the cross
The savior's love won't give me up

We are the ones who will stand strong
Who won't shrink back, who will carry on
Carry on…