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Confira a Letra Gethsemane

C3 Church


Surrendered for passion
Surrendered for us
You had every reason
To lay down the cup

Surrendered in asking
In whispering please
Your will through the cross
And your will through me

Surrendered and broken
Surrendered by choice
To bleed in a sinners place
And count it as joy

Surrendered in heartache
In knowing the pain
Of wearing the crown of thorns
And bearing the nails

I would be willing to lay down this life
Willing to take up the cross and deny

All so you'd be glorified
These hands these feet
They're yours not mine
The work of calvary
Blood that redeems
Ever demands my all
All so you'd be glorified

Surrendered completely
I find that i'm free
All that this world can hold
Will never hold me