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Confira a Letra Tonight You Will Be Mine

Cabaret Diosa

Tonight You Will Be Mine

Just the thought of you my dear,
As the dawn grows gray,
Makes the morning stars appear,
At the break of day. As I stop to contemplate
The meaning of these words,
Your name is sung across the sky
By a thousand birds.
I don't want to sleep
I cannot eat a bite.
All I want is you tonight.
Nothing will pass my lips except your kiss like wine.
And tonight you will be mine
Yesterday is just a dream.
Tomorrow never comes.
As I'm swimming in your stream,
Blinded by your sun.
A blink, a beat, my heart, perfume,
Your hand in my hands.
Could it be my dear could you?
Shall we while we can?
When night is dreaming and the stars are in your arms,
And love comes streaming through the window of your charms,
It's then the spell you cast is over me,
Like leave of grass beneath a windy sea.