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Confira a Letra Fight It Out

Cadell Meryn

Fight It Out

I Heard You Say, You're Feeling Like a Change Now
Maybe Baby This Could Be Arranged Now
But I Warn You That no Exotic Scenery
Can Solve Your Problems and Make You Feel Easy

You Say You're Happy, But I See Apprehension
That Little Laugh of Yours Doesn't Hide the Tension
The Precious Book You Crush So Tightly in Your Hands
Won't Help You Sleep At Night, But I Am Not Your Plans

You Gotta Fight It Out With Your Heart
You Gotta Fight It Though It Tears You Apart
You Gotta Fight It Out, My Friend

You Gotta Do It For Yourself, You Gotta Say When

You Ask Your Bias to Resent My Observations
If I Didn't Care, Then I Wouldn't Make Them
Can't Change the Past, So Why Let It Haunt You
Can Paint the Future, But First You Have to Want To


You Gotta Do It For Yourself, and You Gotta Say When

I Could See How Much It Hurt Inside, I Know All About the Tears You Hide

(Instrumental Break)

Chorus Repeats 2x

You Know That the Lonely Pay the Prize For Love in the End
You Know That the Lonely Pay the Prize For Love in the End
It's Always the Lonely Pay the Prize For Love in the End