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Confira a Letra It's a Tuff Life

Cadell Meryn

It's a Tuff Life

Isn't It a Tuff Life?
You Race Your Mercedes Benz Through the Park After Midnight
Hopin' For a Few Cheap Thrills
There's Always Someone Around to Lift Your Spirits Up
All Along Just Pumpin' Up Your Attitude
Don't Believe a Word They Say, 'cause It's Never True

Isn't It a Tuff Life? You Got a Tuff Life
If You Can't Have It, Then You Don't Want It
You Don't Need no Steady Job, Isn't It a Tuff Life?

You Got a Tuff Life

You Thought You'd Move to Jamaica
So You Packed Up Your Bags and You Headed South to Get An Even Tan
But You Didn't Count On Rain
You Were Perfect For the Script
So You Bought the Best-selling Novel Knowing That You Couldn't Miss
But You Never Got the Part


It Don't Get Any Easier, and Ya Know, Sometimes It Can Pretty Ruff

Isn't It a Tuff Life? You Got (Such) a Tuff Life... (Repeats)