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Confira a Letra Little Too Late

Cadell Meryn

Little Too Late

I Hear You Had a Good Offer Down On Third Avenue
You Tell Me That Was the Reason For What Ya, You Put Me Through, Yeah
Now You Come Crawl Hands and Back, I Feel the Heat of Your Attack
Want Me to Take You Back, I'm Givin' You the Sack, So Don't Waste Your Time

It's a Little Too Little, It's a Little Too Late
I'm a Little Too Hard and There's Nothin' Left That I've Got to Say
You Can Cry to Me Baby, But There's Only So Much I Can Take
Oh, It's a Little Too Little, It's a Little Too Late

You Say You Had a Good Time, Did You Think It Was For Free, Yeah
And How Much Did It Get You, to Always Lie to Me
And Now You Come Back, Runnin' For Protection
You Been Bitten My Love, and Stung By Rejection
You Can't Connect, What Did You Expect, I'm Sedate Over You

Chorus Repeats 4x...