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Confira a Letra The Victim

Cadell Meryn

The Victim

You've Been Set Up Way Too Many Times, a Perfect Victim For the Perfect Crime
You Left Yourself Wide Open to the Pain
So Close Your Eyes Now, You're Out Walkin' in the Rain

You Got a Burnin' Desire to Be the Victim
You're Bleedin' From the Soul, You're Hurtin' From the Heart
Things You Can't Be Told, Aren't Gonna Tear You Apart Hard

Your Choice of Love Was Never Very Bright
Your Father's Worthy, Yet Even He Gave Up the Fight
You Always Think That Hearts Are Made of Gold
And You're the Saviour to Cope Some Warm Out of the Cold


'cos You're the Victim

Break the Pain, You Gotta Break Away
Break the Pain Before It Gets Too Late

(Instrumental Break)

Chorus (With 'things You're Never Told...')

'cos You're the Victim