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Confira a Letra I Just Dont Want Coffee

Caedmon's Call

I Just Dont Want Coffee

Though i am small i've seen things far beyond these city walls
The land is flat and it rolls for miles
I don't know much i know i've many places yet to see
I know i've been here for a while

Wouldn't you know just when i thought i had this figured out
I'm back at my first day at school
Trying not to think too loud i raise my hand to scratch my head
I've no ideas of what to do

'cause something's changed today
And what it is i just can't say
And if i don't seem okay, well i'm okay

So sue me, sue me, if i just don't want coffee tonight

Back in this coffee house where we just met a week ago
Now we've been friends since we were young
But all our conversations are hitting walls we can't ignore
We can hide but we can't run

And i can't run from you
Or what we've run into
Now regardless what i choose, we both lose


It must be getting late
Where's my head
Where is my head
Where is my head

I still hear you telling me what a big mistake i've made
Funny that's what i've been telling you
I can lead a horse to water
You can even make him drink
But you can't change his point of view

Tonight as i was driving home i passed a coffee shop
You know i wrestled with the truth
And how i'd explain to you what you could never understand
And how i'd keep my mind from you

But that's the price i pay
Your way is not my way
Today's another day and it's okay


I think i need some rest
Rest my head, arrest my head
Rest my head, arrest my head
Rest my head, arrest my head